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 News from the Void!

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PostNews from the Void!

Quite often when I am online, I like to make up little News stories to keep the players in my group entertained (especially when trading), so I thought I might make a few stories here Smile

Top story tonight:

Fierce battles were seen today in the Alexadria system as Corsairs and Outcasts tried to finally take control of the system as the main pirate organisation. Most of these scuffs have been sighted from miles away, and many cruisers have been seen frequenting the areas around Planet Darius and the Perdicass Depot.

All freelancers are advised to stay away, although this is only temporary, as they all seem to be leaving trade convoys alone and just going after each other instead. These homocidal acts from these powerful pirate organisations could finally secure the system for one side, once and for all. Again, the Europa Navy caution all Freelancers to stay away from these areas.

Comfort, AoF Void news.

News updates will be posted at a later time. If this just sounded really stupid be quiet about it will you? Any fans would be appreciated Very Happy

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News from the Void! :: Comments

Re: News from the Void!
Post Mon Jul 26, 2010 3:35 am by Titan
Guitar solo ftw lol!
Re: News from the Void!
Post Sun Sep 05, 2010 11:50 pm by Comfort
Ships are lined up, wingtip to wingtip. The pilots jostle with unease. Across the no-mans-land, the opposing team waits in the not-quite-mist. Tension is building in the air. Well, not really air. Nebula, is more like. Not even that, actually. Just empty space. Anyway, I'm getting off my track.

There they were, all lined up, weapons hot, adrenaline coursing through their veins, ready for the pitched battle soon scheduled to begin. Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you... corn? No, that wasn't it... ah, yes! The 4S Squad birthday event! It's not exactly a full commentary, nor an up-to-date one, nor even an accurate one. In fact, it's 90% supposition, 10% imagination, and 100% as good as lies.

An absolute torrent of people (or at least what would be considered a torrent with the server's current population) showed up for this event, and was hosted by the esteemed 4S themselves. It was a fighting event, with 2 teams launched from 2 capital ships. These capital ships acted as launch bases, battle coordination, and fire support to the teams in their fighting.

Needless to say, the fighting was fairly epic. Hundreds upon hundreds of humans and npc's entered the battle, and began firing penguins at each other. There was flapping, exploding, pecking, and the occasional space-seal eating up the corpses. Omicron Delta is one f***ed up system. Radiation, and all. That and the fact that I appear to have been on acid at the time.

Even though there were no penguins, it was still a fairly great event, and one that saw an amount of server numbers that haven't been glimpsed in months. The 4S are most definitely a revered server clan. Hopefully enough, with the expected release of a new mod soon, the numbers will come flooding right back. Then again, with rumours of people just plain watching from the sidelines, anything is possible.

Comfort, AoF Void News.
Re: News from the Void!
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News from the Void!

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