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 Just another old space dog

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PostSubject: Just another old space dog   Just another old space dog EmptySat Dec 22, 2007 7:19 am

It was a grand day the day I had the credits to buy my first ship. It wasn`t a grand one, not even a slightly powerful one, it was a "Starflea", a Starflier. Not even a decent one, bought at the second-hand market. But hey, it had an engine, it had a driving stick and a neural map, perfect for getting me near the stars. Until the age of 12 I`ve been involved with the planetary operations of the Corsairs on Planet Cambridge. I was originally from Manhattan, but moved to Bretonia when I was young. My father left us when I was just a baby, and it was just me and my mother. I got involved with the Corsairs when I was 7. At the age of 12 years my mother was killed by some mugs on the planet but I had my revenge. I burned the building down, with them in it. Thus my nick-name: Pyro. The Corsairs helped me out with some credits and I bought my first ship. After many years of adventures through space, I got to a place named Raw universe.

There I entered an extremist part of the Corsair movement, named The Red Brigade. They were bent on taking Dublin from the Berttonians and Mollys and take the gold and the riches in the name of the Corsairs. But after just 2 months the organization was blown to bits by an attack staged by the Red Hessians. I was left to die in the cold, dark reaches of space. But I didn`t die. I joined the "Freelancer Traders and Pirates." All things were the beginning at least. After 5 months I ran into some trouble with the Bounty Hunters and had to leave the FTP behind and my new found life. I came to a strange new place called The Void. I immediately joined the Corsairs once more and started hunting nomads on their behalf. Afterwards I tried my luck in the Order, where I reached the rank of Commander. The years flew by me and I grew more powerful, more skillful. After some time I started missing my old crew. So I asked around for news about the FTP.

What I learned was painful. There were just a mere handful of FTP members left, all led by Menace, the same great pilot who got me into the Pirate Organization in the first place. So I went to see Menace. Fate wasn`t as good with him as it had been with me. He looked a lot older and had far many more scars on him. But he was the same old Menace(maybe a bit more deadly if that was possible). I asked for his permission and started the FTP on Void. What was left of the clan came at this new home.

But fate had other plans. My police troubles followed me here, after I left the Order. 6 months after I started the FTP a final blow given by the Liberty and Brettonia Navies helped by the Bounty Hunter Guild was given to us. Our bar was destroyed, many of the members died or were placed under arrest. Some were lucky enough to have escaped. I was arrested by the Liberty Navy.

But it pays to have high ranking friends. After just 2 months I was released (ad trust me it wasn`t cheap). I returned to Freeport 9 to the "Shattered Bone"...only to find it in ruin. I had left only a Titanium Crusher with a brawler setup, some old equipment, and about 40 mills in my account. But I will return. As a Freelancer or I`ll join another organization. But Sirius will never get away from me. I am Pyro and forever I`ll burn everything or everyone that will get in my way.
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PostSubject: Re: Just another old space dog   Just another old space dog EmptySun Dec 23, 2007 8:58 am

Welcome Pyro,looks i got another story to add to the AoF Members Background Stories that is if u join us.

Nevertheless i like this. Smile

Just another old space dog Geromixessigcopy-1
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Just another old space dog
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