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 Sangheilis showcase

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Sangheilis showcase Empty
PostSubject: Sangheilis showcase   Sangheilis showcase EmptyWed Jun 04, 2008 5:42 am

yo ppls, i decided to make a little showcase of every sig i've made or pic i've edited using, some are good, some are bad, but all are made by me, lol

i'd put in a poll, but it wont lemme, i dunno y

1. Sangheilis showcase Sephiroth_Reaperselfmadesig-1

2. Sangheilis showcase Reaper1-1

3. Sangheilis showcase Darkghostsiggyfinished

4. Sangheilis showcase Ghostypropersigfinished

5. Sangheilis showcase Finishedmacewindusig

6. Sangheilis showcase Queenavatar

7. Sangheilis showcase GRIMFINNsiggy

8. Sangheilis showcase Omar-4ever

9. Sangheilis showcase Self-created2

10. Sangheilis showcase Photobucketalbum

11. Sangheilis showcase NewAvatar-Sangheili

12. Sangheilis showcase NewSignature-Sangheili

13. Sangheilis showcase BLbannerfinished-1

14. Sangheilis showcase ME

15. Sangheilis showcase Char561sig

16. Sangheilis showcase Sangheilibar

17. Sangheilis showcase Voidneon

18. Sangheilis showcase Sangheiliproductions

19. Sangheilis showcase Mysemi-prosiglol

Sangheilis showcase 256qk2s

In another time, I led us to glory.

Now I watch for those who can do it better.
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AoF Friend
AoF Friend

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Sangheilis showcase Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sangheilis showcase   Sangheilis showcase EmptyWed Jun 04, 2008 11:30 pm

ya, those are all pretty awesome.
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Age : 28
Location : Auckland, New Zealand
AoF Organisation Role : Ikariam Home Secretary
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Sangheilis showcase Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sangheilis showcase   Sangheilis showcase EmptyThu Jun 05, 2008 2:47 am

That Matrix one has a hypnotising affect on me... excuse me while I go space out drunken: :geek:

All good, dude... nice artwork as well. Now, you really need a Yoda to sharpen your skills young one...

Duuude, hey Matrix dude...
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Sangheilis showcase Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sangheilis showcase   Sangheilis showcase Empty

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Sangheilis showcase
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