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 The Phoenix Hand

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PostSubject: The Phoenix Hand   The Phoenix Hand EmptySun Mar 23, 2008 12:17 pm

Wat are the Phoenix Hand?

The Phoenix Hand are the ruling body of the AoF Alliance,they consist of 2 groups, the core leaders group and sub-leaders group.The core leaders consist of 5 members...The Leader,The Diplomat,The General,The Home Secretary and the The Listener.You can say its like 4 fingers n 1 thumb Wink The sub-leaders group currently consist of Grand Viziers, Emmissary, Primarch, Force Commanders and Warmarshall...Each of them is able to give out different orders,depending on their position.Here is a brief description of the following mentioned above.


The Leader-:Kazragore:-the Leader may give any order, and can make a decision if the Phoenix Hand are half with, or half against, a motion. He cannot demand resources from alliance members except if the embassy is in serious need of an upgrade, to allow new members into the Alliance.

The Diplomat-:Toad:-The Diplomat may give orders to members to assist in creating a treaty with a different alliance. He may ask a member of the Alliance to work on diplomatic relations with another Alliance, if he is already working on diplomacy with a different Alliance.

The General-:Fredwin:-The General is in charge of all military acts within the Alliance, and will assist the diplomat should diplomacy threaten war. He may order Alliance members to attack certain enemies, be able to oversee incoming attacks by hostile inhabitants of Kappa as well attacks made by members, he can recall attacks made by members if need be. He also oversee AoF combat capabilities and strength such as units a member have and their general score and may advice the member when appropriate.

The Home Secretary-:Kazragore:-The Home Secretary is responsible for the fair trade of members between the alliance. He can view Alliance members resources through his embassy, and may take forceful action should a member deny to trade with another member.He also oversee members growth, runs the alliance Phoenix of the Month award and the Medal Giving day awards.He also can creates new ranks for better stability of the alliance as well appoint members these ranks.

The Listener-:Stew:-The Listener is the unofficial member of the phoenix hand. He is a master spy, and handles all spy reports and spy missions. Any spy reports are to be sent to The Listener, who will then make them available to Alliance members.He may order a certain Alliance to be spied upon, but only if necessary.


Grand Viziers-These ranks is rather hard to get and requires recommendation by the phoenix hand members. The ranks are also given to former leaders of merged alliance, members who once hold leadership roles and also those who the leader or the council thinks deserve the role. Its an honor for a member to be appointed such rank.They are usually advisers to the leaders and can maintain law and order in the absence of the leaders.

Emmissary-An assistant to the Diplomat. They looks for alliances to ally/merge with, but main diplomat has to make the actual treaty.

Primarch-Are leaders of a group called Chapters that operates a certain area in the world map. They are responsible for the expansion of AoF in the area they command, protects, guides and understands his Chapters members therefore creating a bond between them, make sure they have the alliance standard gen score of 5k or atleast 3k. They organize retals attacks and war plan during war and peace periods.

Force Commanders - An assistant to the Primarch by helping out the Primarch to do some his duties and also Second-in-Command of the Chapters they are belong in the absence of the Primarch.

Warmarshall - War planners that usually works with a leader or general, they rally troops and in-charge of the battlefield. They also can provide advises and give their opinions on war plans given by other members of AoF and its Primarchs.They are usually in the same timezones of the leader and/or general for better communications to plan out and oversee the battlefield. At times they can be temporary General if need be.

The Phoenix Hand's decision is final ,no more arguments or debate is to be tolerated.

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The Phoenix Hand
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