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 [GB] gunboat | Funeste Présage

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[GB] gunboat | Funeste Présage Empty
PostSubject: [GB] gunboat | Funeste Présage   [GB] gunboat | Funeste Présage EmptyFri May 14, 2010 3:37 pm

in recent weeks, police and navy patrols have decimated the few Gallic Brigand 'Asco' gunboats in service. With many skilled pilots and cleaning crews lost, the Brigands have recently commisioned a number of new gunboats, which will posess certain advanced weaponry, courtesy of the Council, in exchange for a number of unknown items.

the Funeste Présage is not one of these new gunboats, but is instead an old wreck repurposed with new technology. Posessing a crew of mixed trusted, battle-hardened veterans, and some new additions to the Brigands, the ship is nevertheless capable of dealing with most threats, be they a stubborn Sirian trade convoy, or another police patrol straying into the wrong asteroid fields.

When he took command of the vessel, Captain Giles de Polignac stated that he would "Blow the crap out of everyone who calls my ship an outdated piece of junk".

In other news, two police patrols were taken down single-handedly by our latest convert, Etien Fitzroy..............

[GB] gunboat | Funeste Présage 256qk2s

In another time, I led us to glory.

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[GB] gunboat | Funeste Présage
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