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 AoF Leadership Structure

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PostSubject: AoF Leadership Structure   AoF Leadership Structure EmptyFri Mar 26, 2010 3:49 am

AoF Leadership

Leadership is a cornerstone of AoF. We look for leadership potential among our members,mentor them and help the potential leaders to take on more responsibilities. This a continuous process which when coupled with recruitment help the alliance to be more dynamic. Leadership is collective and major decisions are taken through consensus and debate. Transparency makes decision making honest and decisions are up for scrutiny among members.Our aim is also to have a culturally diverse team of leaders with leaders from all around the world representing different countries and their cultures.

Leadership Structure

AoF Leadership Structure Hierpsd

AoF Command Council [ACC]

It is the top most decision making body of AoF & is an extremely exclusive small group of the most experienced leaders of AoF.Only the most active top leaders can be a part of this.The group would always be small and it can never have more than 10 members.It can take decisions on the most important matters only(within its mandate) & its word is binding upon the community,but members are free to criticize and change its decisions.The normal running of day-to-day AoF matters rests entirely on AoF Leaders Council,the council of leaders of the respective branches,who would maintain and lead their branches accordingly without any interference from ACC.


AoF Leaders Council [ALC]

It is the council of leaders of all the leaders of different branches of AoF.The leaders of different branches manage and lead their own branches without any interference from ACC-AoF Command Council.The AoF Leadership Council acts as a forum for leaders to discuss various issues and interact with leaders of other branches.The AoF Command Council(ACC) is derived from the members of AoF Leadership Council(ALC) and that is how the power shared is between the two.


AoF Members

AoF Members are the core of AoF Gaming Community.The AoF Leadership Council and AoF Command Council are derived from it.The leaders are selected and sometimes elected from the general community of members.Its the heart and soul of AoF without which nothing is possible.They have the right to criticize their leaders and push for changes in leadership.The greatest power in AoF resides with them.


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AoF Leadership Structure
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