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 Player Journnals

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I'm thinking about posting this on the player journals section in Void

ring ring , ring ring
"bonjour monseiour JAZZ, this is your wake up call" said the receptionist
"thank you "I replied opening my eyes and taking in the room I was in, it could be anywhere,when you have flown for as long as me one place looks just like any other. but not today, not this time.
The almost inaudible humming noise and the blue shine that could be seen through the window told me where I was, the Abandoned nomad city in Sparta.
As places to be in go this wasn't too bad, chez Pierre was the name of the hotel, good food, good selection of drinks and good looking barmaids. I had been in worse places.
Still , i thought, time to get up, take a shower, go see if the deck crew were taking good care of FREYA and then find breakfast.
The doors to the space plane hangar bay opened and my sight focused on her, standing in the midle of the deck, her black hull reflecting the dim light, creted moving shapes on her hull. I felt the same "pang" go through me now as I did the first time I had lay eyes on her in that stand in Alexandria, I'll never forget that day.
I had been flying solo for some time now, always driven by a curiosity to find out where did that patrol route led to never caring who exactly patrolled that route, navy, pirate or rogue , not my busines what you fight for , causes come and go. however the prospect of joining an alliance began to take route in my head, maybe it was time to find out what it was like not to fly alone.
I contacted Geromix president of AoF and managed to get accepted, after getting in touch with the $Bank_of_AoF$ I managed to rent a safe and stash my cargo weapons while my new ID card was being made, funny how nowadays it is possible to leave New York and arrive in Alaska 1 hour later but it still takes the damm burecrats 3 days to get you a new ID card.
With that taken care of I went to get my cargo, withdrew my money and was off trying to find a new ship, an ANUBIS MKII look like a good idea.
It was not to be.
It was in a planet in the Alexandria system, whose name now escapes me, that i found her amongst all the EAGLES and the SABRES and the cargo ships.
the dealer told me that he had found her adrift in deep space and had towed her back hoping he could sell her but allas he had been unable to repair her and she remained offline waiting for some rich excentric celebrity to buy it and use her as a garden statue.
I couldn't take my eyes of her, mesmerised by the way she looked, uterlly alien, her purple and black hull combined to give the impression of something organic "how much do u wanr for her " I asked "oh 2,500,000 credits would be a fair price" said the dealer, "done" I said storming off to find a bar.
My head was in turmoil , what was I doing? I had been saving to buy an ANUBIS not some broken ship and yet in the back of my head I knew I had made the right choice, since I had walked in that showroom and saw her a feeling of completeness had washed over me as if I had found the other half of my soul.
It was only later, after I had bought a parking bay to put freya in that I discovered what she was

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Player Journnals :: Comments

Re: Player Journnals
Post Wed Jan 09, 2008 4:59 am by JAZZ

It was dark and smelly in the parking bay, the dealership crew had transported my ship,freya, here and had left, saying to each other that someone willing to spend money on a ship that would never fly clearly didn't play with a full deck, let them I had been called worse names.
"OKAY" I said "time to find out what's wrong with you and how much it will cost me to fix it". As I put my hand on the hull I felt a warmth emanating for it." this is odd, there is no power on the ship so how come the hull is warm" I wondered.
"hello JAZZ" said a voice in my head, maybe I had lost my mind after all
"No you haven't "said the voice "although others have gone insane when I speak with them for the first time"
"wha....What are you" I asked
"I am Freya "said the ship "I'm an AERROW"
"oh my god !! an AERROW ??!!! here??!!!" I couldn't believe it. I had heard stories when I was a child about ships like this, more than ships, live organisms born in space, believed to be hundreds of thousands years old, my father had told me stories about these "ghost ships" that appeared on the radars for just one second before disapearing again in the blackness of the void ; he told me that the deep-space engeneering crews he used to work with told rumors about ships that appeared out of the blue and then vanished again, "ghosts" as they called them.
I had always thought that they were nothing more than fairy tales told to keep the monotony of months spent in deep space at bay, in the same way that in the dark ages in old earth men told tails of werewolfs and unicorns in the long winter months
It seems that like that old earth writter said "there are more things on heaven and earth that you will ever find in your books"
"So" i said "you are an AERROW, what ae you doing here?"
"I was hibernating and when I woke up I was in that showroom"
"the dealer told me you were broken beyond repair"
"your race doesn't know much about AERROWS" Freya said "we choose our pilots not the other way around"
"so you were waiting for me"
"someone like you yes , someone with a spark "
" so now what?"
"now our time begins"

Re: Player Journnals
Post Wed Jan 09, 2008 5:19 am by JAZZ

"monseiour , monseiour" said the deck boss bringing me back to the present
"we have re-stocked and cleaned the ship like you said, is there anything else we can do?
"no" I said rubbing my head "thank you"
"oh oh " said Freya " looks like someone has a hangover"
"your powers of observation never cease to amaze me Freya" I told her
"you really shouldn't drink that much when you are flying the next morning" came the reply
"great, just what I need, a thousand year old nanny "
"I'm ANCIENT not old and I......" she stoped for a second "oh ! I see! you were being sarcastic "
"looks like age does bring wisdom after all"
"apparently not to everyone"
I could hear her laughing in my head, happy that she had won our little excahnge
I left to find breakfast before the deck boss came up with another idea to take my money. The hotel's restaurant served a bretonian breakfast mainly, I suspected because costumers would be shocked to find a nomad breakfast on the menu.
After breakfast was time to go pay for the stay and scout for possible jobs that needed to be done by someone like me.

Re: Player Journnals
Post Wed Jan 09, 2008 5:28 am by JAZZ

Looking at the mission board took me back to the first time I flew with Freya, sitting in the cockpit seeing, or I should say hearing the universe like she did, a tune that changed as we flew from system to system, there was a sense of belonging there amongst the stars lost in the vastness of the void.
Any doubts I had about Freya's fighting skills disappeared when we found nomads in Valkeries, she could switch targets with amazing speed and kill with a cold precision only comparable to lady death herself


comments will be greatly apreciated
Re: Player Journnals
Post Wed Jan 09, 2008 6:58 pm by Comfort
ZOMG psychic ship!

Very nice work you have here, I have to say, start writing a book and you'll be rich - the chronicles of.... well I don't know scratch:
Re: Player Journnals
Post Sat Aug 09, 2008 8:25 am by DarkGhost
i might be starting to use my pilot journals on Void xD
Re: Player Journnals
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Player Journnals

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