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 Index packing changed

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PostSubject: Index packing changed   Index packing changed EmptyMon Apr 20, 2009 12:45 am

Hello there

If u see Forum Index then you will see that the forums are no loner 'packed' as it was earlier.

You can see the first forums within category.

This is part of Forum Revamp,when we get a gfx designer images will be added to forums,small ones besides the description of forum.It will look quite good then.

This is the standard packing of most forums.Its easier to browse this way.

This also means new branches can only have 4-5 forums for themselves.

There will be tougher rules for branch having official status,inactive ones will be removed.

I hope people don't mind scrolling down the page BUT this will not change.

PS-There will be some more changes in how forums are placed.The Bar will be shifted etc.Watch this space!

Index packing changed Geromixessigcopy-1
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AoF Legend

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PostSubject: Re: Index packing changed   Index packing changed EmptyMon Apr 20, 2009 12:50 pm

Ill say its interesting for now. ill see these images and how it look when its done before i make any decent comment because right now the old way looked more attractive.

Index packing changed Ghostyuserbarfp6
Index packing changed Band_of_brothers_userbar
Index packing changed Usb123
Index packing changed Pieman35
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Index packing changed
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