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PostSubject: THE HISTORY OF THE ALLIANCE WE CALLED HOME   Wed Feb 16, 2011 7:40 am

The Alliance was formerly known as Alliance of Freelancer, formed in March 20th 2008 founded by Sangheili,for the AoF GC. He was later joined by Kazragore.,now Amorphis Kaz,the current leader,who initially resided in Gamma before moving to Kappa to co-lead AoF. Together they formed the alliance with dreams into making it a strong alliance and hitting the target of reaching the top 10. Heavily influenced by Elders Scrolls:Oblivion, they formed a Council named "Phoenix Hands", inspired by the Dark Brother hood's "Black Hands". The influenced didnt stop there as various ranks and titles named were taken from Oblivion as well.

Recruitment were massive as they recruited members thru the ikariam boards and in-game. Soon they were later joined with members like Erosumi, Alyosha, Harpers, Umbersun, Fredwin and many more which later was followed by AoF long time Veterans like Comfort, Titan and Darkghost. Our numbers soon swell that new ranks and titles need to be made in order that the alliance run without a hitch and various awards were also introduced like the Phoenix of the Month awards and Medal Giving Day with the former is still being run today. The Chapter System was also introduced in order to spread the alliance far and wide in the Kappa, the ability of the alliance to strike anywhere in world and as a tool to produce new leaders thru the Primarch and Force Commander ranks. At this point, AoF had roughly about 40-50 members possibility 60 if memories serve me right and we are also hitting the top 50-100 in alliance ranks.

In Nov 2008, the alliance was involved in their first war in Kappa against ONE alliance which lasted for about 1 week, In Aug 2009 they joined the World Kappa Federation and was quicky involved in another war in Sep 2009 against the Ithaki Council. We later left the federation but the addiction of war was hard to resist we soon get into many wars but the idea of balancing between war and peace were implemented so as to not just satisfy one type of player as AoF has both builders and warriors. The list of our war is listed below;


AoF vs ONE - 1 week,Nov 2008

AoF(WKF) vs IC - 2 weeks, Sept 2009

AoF vs ONE(FW) - 2 weeks, Dec 2009

Ikau vs AoF - 2 weeks, March 2010

AoF vs XPX/TOMIS - 1 month, May 2010

In September 2010, AoF merged with PR or Phoenix Reborn alliance. They were formerly known as Phoenix Rising and were also former members of World Kappa Federation and merger offers were offered to them before by Kazragore but was often turned down. And this offer by Brother Teke of PR is one to accept since both alliance share the same views and both symbolizes the Phoenix. The merger when successfully well and a new alliance was formed, The FIRE Alliance. The merger was proven to be fruitful when the alliance was later involved in another war. The war with NSP recounts the time of another epic battle where AoF were showing their might against WPX during the WKF-IC war.

FIRE vs NSP(FW) - 2 weeks, October 2010

FIRE vs KA - 10 Days, November 2010

The alliance can expect for more wars to come and more success in the future, the AoF GC ikariam branch will soon celebrate its 3 years of existence as FIRE Alliance. Thru the years we have experience ups and downs and see our greatest players leaving the game but we have pull thru and will keep pulling thru the obstacles that we will face in our journey. Our history will not stop here and we intend to keep on making our mark here in Kappa together as a team and with fresh new leaders that will soon come to replace the existing ones.

On June 2011, FIRE merged with Sekta, forming the new alliance Legio Phoenix. Lg-P. With a new name we came again to start a new ready to once again rise together as one to glory.

Our success are not only built on war but on peace time as well 2 of our guys are in top 2 trader score making the world of kappa know of our presence and imminent rise to glory.Top 3 traders.



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