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 Forum Rules Drafting

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PostSubject: Forum Rules Drafting   Fri Mar 26, 2010 4:26 am


The forum rules need an update. We need to draft a new set of forum rules and then post it as a Global Announcement.

So pls put forward your suggestions.

Certain areas to be kept in mind for suggestions-
1. Points system-
We have a points system where you get points per message,subject etc.
It is called 'Phoenix Grace'.(check in ur profile)

Right now we have +1 per message,
+3 per subject,
+3 per friend(yes u can make friends and foes,have u never checked ur profile? Razz),
+1 profile message(comments on profile),
+1 days since registration

The idea is to create a good point system and then make use of these points for different rewards.
We can also use this for promoting members. (More active & good members will have more points)

Admins can also donate points/Phoenix Grace to members who have done good work.

Good post gets positive karma and bad post gets negative Karma. Has to be included.

3. Sanctions system-
There is warning bar in ur profiles. Full green bar means no sanctions. No color means you are banned.
We need make a list of all the misdeeds and what sanctions u can get accordingly.

The last one is the most important.


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Forum Rules Drafting
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